How We helped over 500 New Yorkers get $15,000 each from the Excluded Workers Fund Program

The Background

On March 27, 2021, the United States’s Federal Government rolled out a relief payment program to assist and relieve the citizens, due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The people with difficulties in getting jobs, or those who lost their jobs or sources of income due to the pandemic.

However, some people are not able to access these funds for different reasons ranging from unavailability of required documents to present themselves eligible for the Federal Government relief funds. Some were immigrants, whose jobs have been lost due to the lockdown and could hardly make ends mean.

The majority of the people led a peaceful protest to express themselves and their grievances as to why they have been excluded from the scheme. The cities and states in the United States of America got flooded with thousands of citizens trying to voice their discontents on the unpaid relief funds.

The State Government of New York, through the Department of Labor, however, organized an Excluded Workers Funds (EWF) Scheme, to serve as payment for workers with low income, who are excluded from other benefits, most importantly those who lost income due to Covid and are not eligible for Unemployment Insurance (UI), due to their immigration status or other pressing factors.

This gesture from the New York government gave New Yorkers who have been excluded from the initial Federal Government Scheme a bit of hope of getting some relief funds from the government to cater for the household needs.

But to be eligible for the funds, they needed to meet up with some criteria, before being considered.

And this is where Melissa & Co Business Consulting comes in…

Melissa and Co Business Consulting is a firm situated in New York, USA. 

Through our various strategies, we were able to assist 513 New Yorkers to access the Excluded Worker’s Fund (EWF), to enjoy the benefits they missed earlier from the government.

The Process

Having seen the challenges at hand, and understanding that one of the many goals and objectives of Melissa and Co Business Consulting is to render equitable and unmatched services, with top-notch strategies that are fully positive result-oriented.

Our team of experts took it upon themselves to process 513 New Yorker’s applications to access the Excluded Worker’s Fund (EWF).

After taking their application and requests, the second was to start screening exercises to check who meets up with the criteria needed to access the fund. And also provide legit and efficient services for immigrants, whose documents are not up to date and needed an upgrade in their various documentation.

One of the major challenges was to make sure that all applicants are eligible by making sure that all applicants meet up all the criteria. Our group of experts was was to help applicants to rectify any issue with their documents and as well assist in making sure that they are eligible for the Excluded Worker’s Fund (EWF).

Melissa and Co Business Consulting made sure that all applicants are screened and their documents well scrutinized, to ascertain whether they are eligible. And also help monitor the status of their applications for the program, as the application is received and processed between the duration of 3 weeks to 6 weeks.

All these and many more services were rendered by Melissa and Co Business Consultancy to 513 New York Workers, Immigrants, or unemployed people alike.

The Result

The aim of every effective and strategic endeavor is geared towards creating adequate and appropriate results.

At the end of 3 months duration designated for the registration of applicants and 3 to 6 weeks of waiting for the approval of various applicants by the New York’s Governor. Over 500 people whom Melissa and Co Business Consulting had rendered their services to were approved and got paid a whopping $15,000 each, which is estimated to be equal to over $7.5 million worth of relief funds.

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